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China Petroleum Coke Price Weekly Report 2012



Over the past sixteen years, we have been in the business of collecting first hand and accurate petrochemical market information including market news by region and city, product price, data statistics, timely different petrochemical product price by market.

This weekly product price report mainly covers the latest and detailed petroleum coke price from various regions and those companies under Sinopec and CNPC and other groups each week.

It provides the readers about the price changes each week, it is more important to have this report under the current economy downturn, especially vital for those companies who want to have business on China petroleum coke market.

All the price information are based on our daily contact with the manufacturers and traders, it will reflect the actual market change here in China different market.

The product price info cover the below region and market in China,

  • South China
  • Northeast China
  • East China
  • Region along Yangze River
  • Northwest China
  • Shandong Province
  • North China
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