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DMS Data Center

This publication has been discontinued on November 1, 2012.


DMS Data Center: Online subscription database that delivers a wealth of industry related information including worldwide company profiles, up-to-date press releases, and clinical trial records.

Search the database in the way that's best for you:

  • Enter your own keywords or phrases
  • Select clinical or business areas
  • Choose clinical trial status
  • Limit by geography
  • Private and public companies

Select how you like to view results:

  • List views: title, summary, or full text
  • Graphic views with click through to drill down into information

Use powerful features available to you, including:

  • Custom email alerts -- set up your favorites so that the DMS Data Center will keep you notified via email of any new information.
  • Download formatted reports -- create pdf files of your results to review offline.


The DMS Data Center database provides flexible, time saving methods for identifying, monitoring, and capturing critical industry information to make more informed business decisions.

To achieve this we have united our original NewsAnalyzer, IndustryAnalyzer, and Clinical Trials Plus products into one cohesive search solution offering advanced features including:

1. Comprehensive content

Search over 6,121 companies active in the biomedical industry with 500,000 press releases and 103,708 clinical trials.

2. Intuitive search

With intuitive multi-database searches you can now search with flexibility and intelligence.

Please explore the product map below by clicking on the “hot spots” for further descriptions and the search tabs for additional features.

3. Charts & graphs

Dynamic search visualizations coupled with inline criteria counts enables quick and effective focused results.

Press releases activity by Clinical Area

4. Explore related results

Quickly access related press releases, clinical trials, and company profiles.

Please tour the product map below by clicking on the “hot spots” for further descriptions and the search tabs for additional features.

5. Custom email alerts

Keep up to date with unlimited daily or weekly customized favorites delivered to your in box.

Sample news grouped email alert

6. Build & download reports

Export selected search results in pdf format or incorporate results into word processing documents.

DMS Content Monitoring: An advanced business intelligence service which monitors changes in large collections of web pages. For example, it can track changes in pages where new technologies are listed and identify new technologies as they are posted, it can track large numbers of institutional web pages which list new clinical trials, or it can monitor an entire website such as SEC Edgar or the FDA. Each application is customized and provides a browser based tracking system as well as optional e-mail alerts.

Data Feeds and Licensing: DMS Data Systems offers data feeds to company websites and corporate intranet sites. In addition, DMS licenses its content to interested companies and publishers.


  • Unlimited number of in-depth searches
  • Download formatted reports of your results
  • Create favorites with optional email notification
  • World wide company coverage
  • Access to historical records
  • Multiple user discounts available

About DMS Data Systems:

DMS Data Systems is an information company focused on providing data resources to companies and organizations around the globe that work in the biomedical industry and related fields. DMS products and services include the development of online subscription databases, website content monitoring, and data feeds.

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