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Music & Copyright Newsletter

Published by Ovum, Ltd.
Published 23 issues / year Content info
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Music & Copyright Newsletter
Published: 23 issues / year Content info:


Music & Copyright is a fortnightly Research Service covering copyright and legal issues on a global scale. Written by industry experts it delivers accurate statistics and data from primary research, independent coverage of new product launches, in-depth company profiles and intelligent sector profiles not available from any other source.

Research Coverage

Read by over 5,000 industry professionals around the world, Music & Copyright delivers an intelligent mix of:

  • exclusive news and news analysis on the international music business
  • in-depth research & analysis of significant themes and issues impacting the sector
  • corporate reports examining all the latest corporate results, collaborations, deals and alliances
  • country profiles with in-depth analysis of an individual country' s music market, the major players leading the way, trends and any likely developments
  • sector profiles keeping you informed of key trends within different market segments
  • music and the internet examining the progress and controversies surrounding online music retail and the release of products directly on the Internet via digital distribution technologies
  • market data on UK music piracy, album and singles chart shares, music DVD revenues + share of market, and online music forecasts

Market Data

Music & Copyright datasets are designed to provide clear benchmarking and status snapshot information, enabling you to track market progress. Every update includes complete first-hand data sets obtained from primary sources. Our datasets can be used to populate your internal presentations and provides invaluable competitive intelligence.

Music & Copyright regularly tracks the latest data on:

  • UK music piracy
  • Album and singles chart shares
  • Music DVD revenues + share of market
  • Online music forecasts

Key Questions Answered

  • How have your competitors performed in the current climate?
  • What legal issues affect your business?
  • How can you differentiate your services?
  • Are there any sectors within the industry you need more information on?
  • How are the latest technological innovations affecting the local and national territories?
  • Who are the key players and what are their strategies for success?
  • Which strategic partnerships should you make?
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