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The Canadian market for Lighting Fixtures - monthly development, primary market


This compendium presents the Canadian annual market for Lighting Fixtures, in its dynamic, in database and charts format. The compendium contains Trend Reports by product types (Product Groups) as per international HS classification (for example Chandeliers & other electric ceiling or wall lighting fittings; Electric table, desk, bedside or floor-standing lamps; etc.)

The trend report shows for each month the total annual market 12 months rolling (the sum of 12 months back from that reference month), and the year over year change rate (reporting to same month of previous year), up to the current Reference Month.

The reports present the Primary Market consisting of the total products entering the market, from import and domestic manufacturing, for use on this territory.


The market is tracked in value and in volume (where available) by month and by sources (domestic manufacturing and suppliers from other countries) from official statistics databases.

The market size is determined using import CIF and manufacturers' shipments values. The market volume is determined, where statistical records are available, using also average unit prices. Product- mix and weighted evaluations are taken into account.

The time period is Jan 2003 to current Reference Month. The current Reference Month is 2 months behind the publishing time.

Table of Contents

I. Trend Reports


  • 1. Portable electric lamps designed to function by their own source of energy
  • 2. Chandeliers & other electric ceiling or wall lighting fittings
  • 3. Electric table, desk, bedside or floor-standing lamps
  • 4. Lighting sets of a kind used for Christmas trees
  • 5. Electric lamps and lighting fittings, nes

II. Sources, Definitions, Methodology - web page

III. About YORKMC - web page

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