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This publication has been discontinued on July 16, 2014.


Your animal health and nutrition business intelligence service

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  • Vaccines
  • Feed
  • Feed Additives
  • Food Producing Animals
  • Companion Animals

Your industry expert

Animal Pharm is the single source for all your animal health and nutrition business intelligence. There is no comparable source of news, analysis and data for the animal health and nutrition industry.

Animal Pharm monitors and analyses the latest news and provides analysis into how it will affect your business and your job. That' s why over 5,000 of your colleagues worldwide read Animal Pharm every day.

  • Company and business news
  • Market development and trends
  • Food producing animals
  • Companion animals
  • Product development activity
  • Regulatory affairs

What is Animal Pharm?

If you work in the animal health and nutrition industry, global events inform every business decision you make. If you are not aware of the latest market news and the implications it has on your business, you will not operate as effectively as those who are.

Animal Pharm provides analysis and comment on developments giving you a better understanding of the latest changes. It contains global analysis of events of your key markets.

Animal Pharm' s global outlook is provided by experienced, highly-respected, dedicated experts, with key correspondents all over the world. Readers worldwide learn from Animal Pharm the events that matter most to their market.

Animal Pharm' s news is supported by unrivalled data and analysis, fi nancial fi gures and market reports. There is no comparable source of news, analysis and data for animal health and nutrition industry.

Animal Pharm provides the news that is relevant to your business. No recycled press releases. No questionable sources. And no unfi ltered news. What you get is unbiased news, analysed by experts and delivered to you in jargon-free language.

Animal Pharm' s unrivalled News and Analysis...

With Animal Pharm' s unparalleled coverage of global markets, you are guaranteed to be able to react fi rst to changes and adjust your business strategy accordingly.

With the latest on antiparasitics, vaccines, feed additives, food producing animals, companion animals, market developments, trends and business news you will continue to remain one step ahead of your competitors.

Animal Pharm can help you react appropriately to competitor activity, identify and better understand your industry and how policy change can affect your business.

  • Make decisions with confi dence - Our experienced and dedicated global reporters bring you the breaking news as it happens. With unbiased reporting and neutral political views, you are guaranteed to receive the most reliable news before anyone else
  • Stay ahead of your competitors - With our breaking news service that allows you to quickly adjust and understand the implications hours after it has taken place
  • Save time and costs - Animal Pharm is a one-stop-shop for all the crop protection information you will need. With an online archive of all Animal Pharm' s news and analysis, you won' t need to look anywhere else

Animal Pharm helps you to spot the trends...

Animal Pharm helps subscribers to spot trends, predict outcomes and adapt company strategy helping ensure worldwide success

Food producing animals

Animal Pharm' s expert editorial team analyses the impact of key food producing animal developments to help subscribers in making informed investment decisions and increase their profi ts. With an unrivalled contact list including key business leaders, our readers are always one step ahead of their competitors.

Companion animals

With expert commentary on the global companion animals market, our unique insight offers you a real competitive edge with a concise overview of key markets and trends - all the information you will need in one place, saving you both time and money.


Our expert analysis is key to providing you with the reliable strategic information necessary to react to change quickly and confi dently. Analysis on current market trends and market outlook helps you to make the decisions that really count.

  • Food producing animals
  • Companion animals
  • Antiparasitics
  • Vaccines
  • Feed

Ask the Analyst - a new free service for subscribers

The service enables you to address questions arising from Animal Pharm' s news/analysis coverage, to our team of analysts. Our experts will do the research and get back to you personally with the information you need.

This helps you to strengthen your knowledge and understanding of global animal health and nutrition events and their implications for your business activities.

Ask The Analyst enables you to:

  • Request background information of articles that have been published
  • Seek the analysts' interpretation of new industry developments and market trends
  • Source supplementary data relating to published articles
  • Request explanations of how regulatory developments might affect the industry

A new Agra Subscriber service - free to Animal Pharm Subscribers! is the next generation of online crop protection information services, offering all of Animal Pharm' s original and continually updates news, commentary and analysis.

All of this will put your animal health and nutrition news into greater commercial context to aid business development, and continually clarify your position in the market.

  • News and analysis reported to you in real-time News and analysis is published throughout the day, giving you continual access to breaking news stories which have the potential impact on your business.
  • New customisable Animal Pharm updates Save time by defi ning exactly which areas you are most interested in and we will send you a tailored update at the frequency you have specifi ed.
  • A deeper information resource driving increased knowledge and reducing risk All articles on will link to further related content enabling you to gain the bigger picture and further your understanding of business critical information.
  • Customise your alerts and search fi lters to access the most relevant information in less time Clear navigation channels drive you straight to your area of interest increasing your productivity. The greatly improved advanced search function allows you to refi ne and save your searches to save you time.

The Animal Pharm package provides...

  • Instant access to www.animalpharmnews. com - updated constantly so you never miss any breaking news or latest analysis
  • Daily news emails - your roundup of all the latest news and analysis from delivered to your inbox every day
  • Personalised news emails - alerting you to content on the topics you need to know about, as soon as it is published Animal Pharm World Health and Nutrition News - your weekly newsletter
  • Free online access to our PDF archive since 1998 - your very own research library
  • Animal Pharm business reports - your vital tool for gaining a competitive advantage and planning for the future

NEW Ask the Analyst

Ask the Analyst is a brand new client support service, offered free to Animal Pharm subscribers. Use it to get direct access to our expert analyst team. Simply ask your research questions. Our analysts will do the research and get back to you personally with the information you need.

Who reads Animal Pharm?

  • Senior management
  • Business development
  • Research and development
  • Sales and marketing
  • Regulatory affairs and legal

Five ways in which Animal Pharm will make your job easier...

  • 1. Save money and get more than just news The Animal Pharm business intelligence service is now better value than ever. Subscribe now and get the Animal Pharm newsletter, access to Ask the Analyst - your FREE research service, AND access to 30% more online only content through - all at no extra cost.
  • 2. Make accurate business decisions Customisation gives you control, so you get the news you need to improve your decision-making. We provide expert research and analysis, but you decide what news reaches your inbox.
  • 3. Increase your productivity Simple navigation and related content links will add depth to your research, without you having to do multiple searches. Our concise reporting helps you extract the data and trends you need, saving you
  • valuable time.
  • 4. Gain competitive advantage Find out how every global news story links to individual products and companies. Animal Pharm is the first to bring you new industry trends, emerging competitors, new product developments and launches, so you can be quick to react and seize any business opportunities.
  • 5. Save you time Whether you need to source new funding, react to regulatory changes, prepare for patent expirations or innovate whilst cutting costs, Animal Pharm' s editorial resources, contacts and insight will help you overcome your challenges quickly.
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