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Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report

As the second largest holder of phosphorus ore resources in the world, China is a major phosphorus ore exporter. Based on phosphorus ore, China's phosphorus industry is large and covers yellow phosphorus, phosphate acid, phosphate fertilizers, fine phosphate chemicals, etc. For the sustainable development of phosphorus industry, China's central and provincial governments have promulgated many policies and regulations, such as the Entry Criteria for Phosphate and Ammonium Production. This regulation helps accelerate the process of industrial integration inthe phosphorus industry and inspires companies to pay more attention to phosphorus ore resources. Meanwhile, some foreign companies have cooperated with Chinese companies by joint ventures, aiming at utilizing China's ample phosphorus ore resourcestocapture the great Chinese market. The Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report helps you better understand the policies and legislations released in China and abroad. It alsoprovides you the latest information on company and industrydynamics, factors impacting the price fluctuation, technology improvement and supply & demand of China's phosphorus industry.

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Main Content of Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1403

Market review of prime phosphate chemicals in Jan. 2014

  • Published on 13th February, 2014
  • Due to the coming of the Spring Festival and the weak overseas demand, the whole phosphorus chemicals' market seemed to stay relatively stable with no obvious fluctuations in Jan. 2014.

Price monitoring of phosphate chemicals in Jan. 2014

  • Published on 13th February, 2014
  • The ex-works prices of the concerned phosphorus chemicals remained stable in Jan. 2014.

International trade of phosphate chemicals in Dec. 2013

  • Published on 13th February, 2014
  • In Dec. 2013, in addition to phosphorus ore and DAP, the export volume of other phosphorus chemicals of concern decreased significantly. However, the export prices of yellow phosphorus, P2O5, POCl3 and STPP had slight increases.

Thirty-eight enterprises approved to enter yellow phosphorus industry

  • Published on 13th February, 2014

Xingfa Group to acquire Hubei Taisheng's 51% share

  • Published on 11th February, 2014

New study on Weng'an Baiyan's reserves to have profound impact on China's phosphorus industry

  • Published on 7th February, 2014
  • New surveys reveal that Weng'an Baiyan's phosphorus ore reserves are the largest in Asia, news that will bring considerable economic benefits to Guizhou Province.

Wengfu Group's new calcium hydrophosphate plant begins trial runs

  • Published on 26th January, 2014
  • In Jan. 2014, Wengfu Group starts line testing on its 50,000 t/a feed grade calcium hydrophosphate plant, which uses process water from phosphogypsum stacks as feedstock. The new facility is expected to further strengthen Wengfu Group's leadership of the Chinese fine phosphorus chemicals industry.

PT Petrokimia Gresik to start the operation of a phosphoric acid facility

  • Published on 23rd January, 2014
  • PT Petrokimia Gresik is planning to start operations on a new phosphoric acid (PA) facility in East Java in the second quarter of 2014, which will significantly impact Chinese exports of PA and phosphate fertilizer to Indonesia.

Batian to expand its slow release and water soluble fertilizer business in 2014

  • Published on 20th January, 2014
  • In 2014, following intensive investment in R&D, Batian will expand all aspects of its slow release and water soluble compound fertilizer businesses.

Kailin's wet-process PA industrial-grade MAP plant officially meets output and quality standards

  • Published on 20th January, 2014
  • Kailin Group's wet-process phosphoric acid industrial-grade MAP plant officially met output and quality standards in Jan. 2014. Due to improvements in purifying technologies, wet-process PA has been taking over market shares from traditional thermal PA in the phosphorus chemical industry.
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