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Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report

As the second largest holder of phosphorus ore resources in the world, China is a major phosphorus ore exporter. Based on phosphorus ore, China's phosphorus industry is large and covers yellow phosphorus, phosphate acid, phosphate fertilizers, fine phosphate chemicals, etc. For the sustainable development of phosphorus industry, China's central and provincial governments have promulgated many policies and regulations, such as the Entry Criteria for Phosphate and Ammonium Production. This regulation helps accelerate the process of industrial integration inthe phosphorus industry and inspires companies to pay more attention to phosphorus ore resources. Meanwhile, some foreign companies have cooperated with Chinese companies by joint ventures, aiming at utilizing China's ample phosphorus ore resourcestocapture the great Chinese market. The Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report helps you better understand the policies and legislations released in China and abroad. It alsoprovides you the latest information on company and industrydynamics, factors impacting the price fluctuation, technology improvement and supply & demand of China's phosphorus industry.

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Hubei Xingfa to acquire Jixing Chemical

Published on 9th April, 2015

Hubei Xingfa is going to acquire Jixing Chemical. After this acquisition, Hubei Xingfa will actively plan the fine phosphorus chemicals project of Jixing Chemical relying on the local existing resources and supported by the local government. Also, this acquisition will boost the interregional reorganization and integration of Hubei Xingfa's phosphorus chemical industry.

Sichuan Hongda's sulfuric acid project expected be accomplished in 2015

Published on 9th April, 2015

Guizhou Kailin gains great performance in Q1 2015

Published on 9th April, 2015

Keys to development of phosphorus chemical industry in Guizhou Province during 13th Five-Year Plan period

Published on 7th April, 2015

With abundant phosphorus ore resources and as a leading province in the production of phosphorus chemicals, Guizhou Province plays a demonstration role in the phosphorus chemical industry in China. CCM learned from the Chemical Industry Association of Guizhou Province that Guizhou Province will place emphasis on the development of WPA, high-concentration phosphate compound fertilizer as well as the recycling of phosphorus resources etc. during the 13th Five-Year Plan period.

Two main measures facilitates transition and upgrade of Yunnan Yuntianhua

Published on 7th April, 2015

Yunnan Yuntianhua is to vigorously carry forward its strategy transition as it is facing expanding losses. Its current transition strategies, as known by CCM, mainly focus on the following two aspects: firstly, laying a solid foundation for basic businesses, strengthening scientific and technological innovations and enhancing the competitiveness of products; secondly, vertically extending and horizontally expanding the industrial chain to improve the industrial distribution.

Guizhou Province sells prospecting rights of five phosphorus ore mines

Published on 2nd April, 2015

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