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Dairy Products China News

The Dairy Products China News is a monthly newsletter jointly published by CCM and Orrani Consulting - an overseas dairy expert and a leading consultancy specialized in the food/drink and ingredient sectors. It combines CCM International's extensiveknowledgeoftheChinese dairy industry with Orrani's specialization inthe global dairy sector. Dairy Products China News has an In-depth and insightful analysis from CCM's experts, accurate market data and first-hand information and a forecast on the development trend of the dairy market. It brings you the latest information on new market and company dynamics, new dairy products and consumption trend, new legislations and policies and raw milk supply dynamics that are shaping the market.

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Greatview Packaging Enjoys Good Development in 2013

Published on 28th March, 2014

Greatview Packaging, a key rival for Tetra Pak in China, confirms its ongoing strong expansion in sales in 2013, but the net profit performance faces challenges.

President Xi: welcome Netherlands to China

Published on 28th March, 2014

China and the Netherlands were reported to enhance economic cooperation, including dairy industry.

Interview with Wang Dingmian on infant formula market

Published on 27th March, 2014

CCM carried out an interview with Mr. Wang to discuss the current situation on China's infant formula market, which involved policies, M&A, competition between foreign and domestic brands, etc.

Modern Dairy performs well in H1 financial year 2014

Published on 21st March, 2014

On 20 March, 2014, Modern Dairy releases its financial report for H1 financial year 2014, showing its continued strong performance.

Infant formula sales online grows rapidly

Published on 21st March, 2014

In recent years, with the rapid development of e-commerce, it will benefit for infant formula's sales. And the growth rate of infant formula sales through e-commerce reached as high as 50% in 2013.

A slight decrease of raw milk price in March

Published on 19th March, 2014

In March 2014, raw milk's price witnessed a slight decrease, mainly due to the increase of raw milk supply and imported milk powder.

Bright Dairy denied adulteration of raw milk

Published on 18th March, 2014

Chongqing Agriculture Investment to strengthen dairy business in 2014

Published on 18th March, 2014

In March 2014, as the biggest shareholder of Chongqing Tianyou Dairy Co., Ltd. (Tianyou Dairy), Chongqing Agriculture Investment will focus on milk production and overseas activities in 2014 so as to promote Tainyou Dairy's development.

Heilongjiang to build 100 modern dairy farms in 2014

Published on 17th March, 2014

Want Want China prospers with dairy

Published on 14th March, 2014

On 11 March, 2014, Want Want China released its annual financial report for 2013, showing that its business of dairy products and beverages kept continuing growth.

New Hope Dairy to set up dairy base

Published on 14th March, 2014

Sanyuan to expand infant formula business

Published on 12th March, 2014

On 1 March, 2014, Beijing Sanyuan announced that it intends to raise funds of less than USD653.70 million (RMB4 billion) through non-public offering of stock, which was mainly used for milk power project, aiming to expand its infant formula business.

Dairy products price ease in Feb. 2014

Published on 12th March, 2014

Infant nutrition cooperative R&D center established

Published on 10th March, 2014

Yili sets up an overseas R&D center

Published on 10th March, 2014

At the end of February 2014, Yili set up an overseas R&D center in the Netherlands, making a further step towards internationalization strategy.

Pengxin acquires Synlait Farms

Published on 7th March, 2014

New Zealand cheese imports exceed trigger level

Published on 7th March, 2014

Dumex cuts infant formula's price

Published on 5th March, 2014

Royal Dairy sells buffalo milk products in Hunan

Published on 4th March, 2014

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