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June 26th, 2001
The newly-released study of the U.S. Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC) industry via Global Information Inc., U.S. CLEC Market Analysis, Company Profiles, Sizing & Share 2001-2006, reveals that revenues for U.S. CLECs will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 26.9% to reach $61.1 billion by 2006. "Companies that will prosper in this new environment have fully reevaluated and reset objectives to meet requirements of the current climate" said Dr. Judy Reed Smith, CEO and founder of publisher ATLANTIC-ACM. "Once sold on generous valuations of networks with new technology, less than exuberant investors now expect firms to meet traditional metrics and to demonstrate a clear route to profitability." Despite tremendous progress made by CLECs since the approval of the1996 Telecommunications ACT, companies are finding it difficult to survive in a capital-restricted market. "The strongest and smartest players will focus on leveraging existing assets, building a solid customer base, and differentiating products with value-added services" added Dr. Reed Smith. CLECs need to carefully examine which situations to avoid and what strategies to emulate. Observing company strategies and trends of the CLEC industry, U.S. CLEC Market Analysis, Company Profiles, Sizing & Share 2001-2006 provides a comprehensive framework and in-depth analysis of the major players, trends, current opportunities, and future projections of the CLEC industry. The 250+ page report was released June 1 and is available for $2,495.00(US).

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