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China is the largest national beer market in the world

February 26th, 2010

Global Information would like to present a market research report, "Beer in China 2010: A Market Analysis" by Mintel China.

Due to immense levels of foreign investment and increasing levels of consumer spending in China, the Chinese beer market is gaining at an astronomical pace in recent years. Because China is such an important and complex market in the beer industry, it is all the more crucial to understand the market clearly. The brewing industry is one in which other industries in China will regard as a model for comparison, considering it has been one of the fastest to modernize in China.

The vast size of Chinas market leaves ample room for new opportunities and development. In China, even though the per capita rate of beer consumption continues to rise, future market development will primarily depend on convincing Chinese consumers to "trade-up" to premium products and brands and on raising the average value of consumer purchases. As the Chinese beer market continues to grow, there will be a shift towards developing national and regional brand share, expanding on previous aims of simply achieving national and regional volume capacity. This also means that significant mergers and acquisitions between leading players in the beer market shall ensue as consolidation of the industry continues.

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