Press Release

Shipments of e-reader devices in Asia to reach 3 million devices over the next four years

January 13th, 2010

Global Information would like to present a new market research report, "Asia Pacific Wireless E-Reader Market - Insights and Forecast to 2014" by APRG.

This research report outlines results of APRG s latest research on the e-book and e-reader market in Asia Pacific. There is actually a very strong preference for digital media across Asia. The romantic idea of holding a bound paper edition is not a pervasive emotion in Asia. In Asia, e-content desires lean heavily towards non-fiction, and price-points must be far more realistic than the Americans are currently paying.

Why Buy This Report?

  • It is the only assessment of the Asia Pacific e-reader market available now
  • It provides a consumer centric view of the demand for e-readers
  • Understand Asian consumer desires for the content that will drive ereader demand
  • It provides insights on how the market will develop in China, a country with over 500 million active readers.

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