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Infusion pump sector currently undergoing dramatic changes

March 8th, 2010

Global Information would like to present a new market research report, "Infusion Pumps and Devices: Technologies and Global Markets" by BCC Research.

What is the current status of the infusion pumps global market? What is the growth potential for infusion pumps through the year 2014? The focus of this report by BCC Research aims to answer these questions. The report also describes the recent transition to "smart pump" technology. It provides a synopsis of the complex systems that complement and compete with infusion pumps as a mode of treatment.

As a result of demographic changes in the worlds population and the rising cases of diabetes, demand is increasing for continuous administration of analgesics and medicines. The infusion pump sector is currently experiencing significant changes and it is important to understand what the future holds for this market. Infusion pumps play a central role in providing safe and effective delivery of medications, analgesics, and nutrients. More specifically, the new smart pump technology was introduced to reduce Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) and other serious dilemmas related with previous methods of drug administration.

This report focuses primarily on end-user markets, which includes: freestanding clinics, hospitals, research facilities, and doctors offices that utilize the devices to administer therapeutics (e.g. antimicrobials, blood products, analgesics, nutrients, and chemotherapy). BCC Researchs report also includes a discussion in well-established technologies (i.e. electronic syringe infusion devices, needleless jet injectors, injection pens), in addition to emerging technologies, including transdermal drug delivery for illnesses such as cardiovascular disease.

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