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Surveillance and Security Equipment Market Burgeoning with New Technologies

June 8th, 2010

Global Information Inc. is pleased to announce a new market research report, "Surveillance and Security Equipment: Technologies and Global Markets" by BCC Research.

According to BCC Research, "the predominance of the security application is due to the fact that, in American stores alone, losses due to theft and fraud amount to approximately $45 billion per year." This report examines and analyzes the escalating market for new technologies that are used in surveillance and security applications. The total surveillance market, in terms of market size, has already achieved tens of billions of dollars in annual revenues. Revenue from sales of surveillance cameras, DVR/NVR, and IP encoders is now nearly $20 billion per year. The onset of more sophisticated imaging devices, lower cost video, and storage enhancements are the key drivers for the overall surveillance market. For example, "the video segment of the surveillance market alone has been growing at 10% or more per year. Specialized segments such as data storage systems, to store video or any other surveillance data, have been growing even faster," says BCC Research. Additionally, the fact that surveillance video has evolved to provide value for organizations beyond traditional security uses, such as liability mitigations, marketing and operations, represents another market driver in the surveillance business.

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