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BCC Research Presents New Study on Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Technologies

January 12th, 2011

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage Technologies" by BCC Research.

BCC Researchs new report examines existing technologies in the field of capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) and related pricing. The study determines which emerging technologies could either compete with or displace the technologies currently in place. BCC provides an impartial overview of the best available technologies to reduce carbon dioxide emission from power plants. 5-year forecasts through 2014 are also included for major market segments.

Main Objectives Found in this Study:

  • To provide an overview of current existing technologies in carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) with a focus on the power generation and utility sector.
  • To determine the costs for purchasers of carbon capture equipment and consumer impact
  • To determine which companies own technologies to capture carbon dioxide and how they are positioning their technology to compete against other technologies
  • To determine whether or not these companies are acquiring new technologies from start-up companies.

The data found in this report was collected from U.S. patents and an examination of over 100 research projects taking place in the U.S., Europe, Canada and Australia. Other sources of information for this report include: reports, studies, press releases, conference presentations, telephone and Email communications and more from U.S., European, United Nations, Canadian, Chinese, Japanese, Australian, Indian and Brazilian governments. Corporate information and some information derived from print media and television reports were also utilized in the creation of this report.

This study is ideal reading for individuals and corporations who hold an interest in reducing carbon dioxide emissions and for those companies that are seeking to invest, license, install or acquire technologies in the field of carbon dioxide capture. Considering new electric power projects that capture carbon dioxide will require pipes for site-to-storage facility transport, this study may also appeal to subcontractors in the electric power construction industry, pipe manufacturers, and pipe fitters.

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