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The Changing Landscape of Therapeutic Protein Production

August 9th, 2010

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report,"Therapeutic Protein Production: A Changing Landscape" by Insight Pharma Reports.

Bioprocessing is a branch in biotechnology that deals with the purification and production biological materials pertaining to commercial interests. This report emphasizes the large span of disciplines that apply to the rapid and economical production of protein molecules.

Insight Pharma identifies the continuing upstream versus downstream gap problem of the therapeutic protein production industry in this new report. Major themes this study covers: improvements in protein yields per unit volume, the shift to animal extracts-free culture media, and the importance of introducing disposables throughout the protein production process.

The study also evaluates growing concerns over the threat of European and Asian competition to the American biotechnology industry.

Key topics covered in this report:

  • Pros and cons of animal cell culture
  • Asian and European competition
  • Development of alternative production cell lines
  • Impact of disposables on availability and cost of proteins
  • Shift from capital spending on fixed, reusable infrastructure
  • Improving protein production per volume of culture media
  • Understanding biosimilar regulatory questions

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