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Medical Device Companies Advised to Boost Resource Support for Competitive Intelligence

November 24th, 2010

Global Information, Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Medical Device Competitive Intelligence" by Cutting Edge Information.

Medical device companies hold a lot of potential in terms of boosting the strategic impact of their competitive intelligence efforts. In other words, companies need to raise the current level of their efforts. Most competitive intelligence (CI) teams at medical device companies typically consist of a single individual that is responsible for monitoring activities of their competitors. CI teams lacking proper resource support are unlikely to reach the level of sophistication observed at other life science or consumer product firms. "Competitive intelligence teams succeed when theyre visible, have appropriate funding and staffing resources and focus on pure CI-related activities," finds Cutting Edge Informations 91-page study.

Why Purchase This Report?

  • Receive information on critical benchmarks to help improve competitive intelligence in the medical device industry
  • Gain insight on how to restructure the CI team for success
  • Align competitive intelligence with companys strategic goals
  • Improve performance of competitive intelligence activities

Featured Topics:

  • Budgets, Staffing and Performance Measurement
  • Empowering Competitive Intelligence Teams through Effective Structure
  • Competitive Intelligence Resources, Responsibilities and Tools

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