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Energy Harvesting Technologies Market Set to Take Off

July 13th, 2010

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Energy Harvesting and Related Energy Storage Devices: Worldwide Forecasts, Fourth Edition" by Darnell Group, Inc..

Worldwide unit sales of energy harvesting nodes are expected to reach 630.5 million units between the 2010 to 2015 forecast period. Energy harvesting is an "opportunistic technology" with applications in niche segments that have "environmental challenges". Not only has this field surfaced in the power electronics scene, but energy harvesting also offered greater revenue to companies that entered this market in its rudimentary stages. According to the report, "The growth of energy harvesting technologies parallels the growth of wireless sensor network (WSN) and wireless control systems in general." Currently, there are hundreds of vendors in the market for wireless sensor networks.

Darnell Group, the leading source for worldwide strategic information on energy storage and generation, has been tracking the energy harvesting and thin-film battery markets for approximately five years. "Surprisingly, pure energy harvesting implementation (those that use no battery) are still rare..." In reality, primary batteries are still utilized on occasion as a back-up power source in particular energy harvesting applications. According to the report, "The big winner in the energy harvesting energy storage race is rechargeable batteries, including thin-film batteries. RFID, along with HVAC and lighting for building automation are expected to account for 94% of the rechargeable battery potion of the energy storage market for energy harvesting." The report analysis also unveils major shifts in technology. For example, photovoltaic solutions currently dominate the energy harvesting market. Additionally, building automation represents of its largest applications, accounting for approximately 66% of the photovoltaics segment of this market in 2010.

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