Press Release

Flash Memory Market to Reach $51.2 Billion by 2015

August 26th, 2010

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "2010 Flash Memory" by Databeans, Inc..

The flash memory sector exhibits tremendous potential for growth. Key drivers of growth: increasing demand from the consumer and communications markets, advancements in manufacturing processes and technology for flash chips. Flash memory is the type of memory that portable data storage devices like USB drives and video gaming device industry utilize widely. Flash is widely used in portable devices such as portable media players, cell phones, digital cameras, and in the most up-to-date netbooks, e-book readers, and tablets.

Flash memory is expected to post sales that exceed $26 billion in 2010. Flash is one of the most profitable categories in semiconductor industry. Databeans expects that the worldwide Flash market will reach $51.2 billion by 2015, and then constitute a 12 percent share of the total semiconductor market.

This study contains forecasts by region; consumption analysis by industry; production analysis by flash type; and market share analysis of top companies.

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