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Fragrance sales have been negatively impacted by the global economic crisis, but the future still holds promise

February 9th, 2010

Global Information would like to present a market research report, "The Future of Fragrances: Capitalizing On Emerging Trends and Changing Preferences" by Datamonitor.

Despite the economy, our culture increasingly is becoming a Visual Culture and an associated pre-occupation with appearance is the defining trend in the personal care space across product categories. There is scope for consumers to feel happier about their appearance, given the pressure to conform to demanding beauty ideals associated with contemporary society.

Fragrances have not suffered as much as other personal care products in the recession, and have even thrived in some markets. Key implications are that industry players in the fragrances space have faced inevitable recessionary pressures, but have been successful to a certain degree, particularly in emerging markets.

Prestige, internet and social media, organic ingredients, and celebrities are among the latest drivers in advertising fragrances.

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