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Haircare is significant part of beauty regime for two-thirds of global consumers

March 2nd, 2010

Global Information would like to present a new market research report, ""The Future of Haircare: Capitalizing On Emerging Trends and Changing Preferences" by Datamonitor.

For approximately 66% of the consumers around the globe, haircare is a crucial part of their beauty regime. Studies show that consumer attitudes towards haircare are polarized overall. However, some areas of concern regarding haircare range from dandruff to greasy hair issues.

In order to appeal to consumers on the individual level, rather than to see them as a single homogenous group, it is important to understand the subtle distinctions in how different demographics treat their hair. For many consumers, hair is perceived as a visual representation of values, attitudes, and even heritage. It is crucial to understand the importance of consumers attitudes towards the drivers and inhibitors of haircare product consumption habits.

Research analysis shows that when consumers make purchases related to haircare there is a "hierarchy of purchases influences". Most importantly, consumers are particularly concerned about buying effective haircare products as opposed to name brand products. For example, Datamonitors research indicates that "value-for-money" was a significant pre-requisite for consumers in making haircare product purchases. Important markets to focus on in regards to studying the trends of global consumer haircare include: France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, UK, US, Australia, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, South Korea, China, India, Brazil, Russia, Saudia Arabia, and UAE.

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