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Make-up application is pivotal part of beauty regime for many global consumers

March 17th, 2010

Global Information would like to present a new market research report, "The Future of Make-Up: Capitalizing On Emerging Trends and Changing Preferencess" by Datamonitor.

Many consumers around the world regard applying make-up as a crucial part of their beauty regime. In fact, only 43% of consumers are satisfied with their attractiveness. Moreover, virtually two-thirds of consumers across 17 countries associate importance with looking their best in day-by-day life. In short, consumers of both genders increasingly feel pressure from the contemporary "Visual Culture" dominating society. Many of these consumers strongly believe that appearance can negatively or positively impact their ability to form relationships, their social standing, and even their career success.

Consumers desire make-up products that will provide good value-for-money above all else. In other words, this is about exceeding expectations more than it is about cheap price tags. This report provides insight into understanding demographics, which is significant for growth in the make-up products market. Research shows that products are increasingly targeting special age ranges. Currently, make-up is popular with the majority of females; however, it is struggling to make headway into the male market.

Datamonitors report provides important research and information on consumer understanding, market understanding, and ideation regarding the global make-up market.

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