Press Release

Skincare Spending: 15% of total spending on personal care market is in skincare category

March 30th, 2010

Global Information would like to present a new market research report, "The Future of Skincare: Capitalizing On Emerging Trends and Changing Preferences" by Datamonitor.

According to Datamonitor: "Skincare forms the largest part of the overall personal care market in volume terms." In 2009, approximately 15% of personal care spending is attributed to the skincare category. Consumers all over the world believe that skincare is a crucial part of their overall health and beauty regimes. In fact, one in five US dollars is spent on a skincare product in the Asia Pacific region. Datamonitors study indicates that more consumers rated taking care of their skin as "important" in comparison to how they rated looking their best on a daily basis.

Datamonitor provides detailed insight on consumer attitudes towards skincare. This report also provides important analysis of the drivers and inhibitors of skincare consumption habits. This study includes data for the importance consumers place on various skincare product features and the frequency of using these skincare products.

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