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Hair Salon Market in Saudi Arabia Exploded in Last Decade with Double Digit Annual Growth Rates

April 26th, 2010

Global Information, Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "The Professional Hair Care Market Saudi Arabia 2010" by Diagonal Reports.

According to research analysts at Diagonal Reports, "The Saudi Arabian professional haircare market is outperforming the sector, with its impressive growth rates." The total size of the Saudi hair salon market, which has exploded in the last ten years, is now worth billions of Riyals. Salons in Saudi Arabia have posted remarkable annual growth rates in the double digits over the last decade. Women of all ages are spending more on their personal appearance. In fact, analysis of salons in Riyadh and Jeddah show that "university students and graduates now account for the largest consumer segment, second only to working women." One theory held by analysts in regards to the rapid growth of the Saudi haircare market is that perhaps because of the countrys stringent dress code for women, "women transforming their appearance is driving salon business in Saudi Arabia as it does elsewhere." Haircare stylists observe that their clients can transform their personal appearance with a new and updated hair color and style up to four times a year. According to Diagonal Reports, "This desire for a new image peaks seasonally (e.g. Islamic Eid festivities) or marks life-changing events..."

Key findings in this report include:

  • Haircare experts consulted by Diagonal Reports project that strong growth should continue in Saudi market.
  • Increased exposure through the Internet and media to beauty trends outside of Saudi Arabia is making Saudi Arabian women more sophisticated and demanding as consumers.
  • Client referrals are a very effective marketing tool for salons in Saudi Arabia.
  • Major brands of haircare products in Saudi Arabia include LOreal and Wella.

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