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Pharma industry is "taking too long, spending too much, and producing far too little." Eli Lilly CEO John C. Lechleiter

January 26th, 2010

Global Information would like to present a new market research report, "SPECIAL REPORT: Successes and Lessons Learned in the Pharmaceutical Industry, 2009" by Decision Resources.

This candid appraisal of the pharma industry at year-end 2009 is refreshing for two reasons: (1) industry stakeholders are no longer focused on trying to defend the indefensible and (2) they are now earnestly focusing on strategies that can be implemented to improve the outlook for an industry that desperately wants to recapture its prior glory of double-digit growth year over year. In this report, we discuss the pharma industrys successes in 2009 and lessons that can be learned from events that occurred during the year.

Key aspects of the report:

  • Biologics represent a significant growth opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry. What new BLAs did the FDA approve in the first 11 months of 2009?
  • Drug approvals and best-selling drugs on the market are metrics of success for the 2009 pharma industry. Which pharmaceutical company do Spectrum analysts consider the top pharmaceutical company of the year in 2009?
  • By mid 2009, the biotech sector of the biopharmaceutical industry was in freefall. What lifted biotech s prospects during the third quarter of 2009?
  • Big Pharma s flurry of interest in generics heralds a diversification strategy for companies that want to reduce their dependence on producing a string of blockbusters. What nine requirements must innovative Big Pharma conquer in order to effectively compete in generics markets?
  • Future success for Japanese pharma lies, in part, in expanding onto the global scene. Why have leading Japanese pharmaceutical companies fallen behind their Western counterparts in terms of scale?
  • The global economic crisis made life even more difficult for biopharmaceutical companies in 2009. What five successes and five lessons from events that occurred in 2009 will influence the industry going forward?

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