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Animation Industry in Asia: Rising Focus towards Local Production

October 22nd, 2010

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Asian Animation Industry: Strategies, Trends and Opportunities" by Digital Vector, Inc..

The focus for the Asian animation industry is shifting towards content production for television and movies on a local level. An infrastructure has gradually emerged in the Asian countries that have been subject to offshore animation practices. Additionally, the number of Asian animation studios becoming more attentive to owning and protecting animation content through investments in intellectual property protection mechanisms is rising.

It is estimated that 90% of all American television animation is produced in Asia. According to Digital Vectors new report, "Much of Asias animation production since the 1960s has been tied to foreign interests attracted by stable and inexpensive labor supplies." Western studios have both established and maintained production facilities first in Japan, then in Taiwan and South Korea, and currently includes the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and China. "The economics of the industry made it feasible for Asia to feed the cartoon world," say research analysts at Digital Vector.

Generally, the typical pre-production procedures such as preparing the script, exposure sheets, and storyboard, are completed in the U.S. or other headquarter-countries. From thereon, the pre-production package is forwarded to Asia for production (i.e. coloring by hand, inking, painting, camera work, and cells drawing). The work is sent back to the headquarter-country for post-production, which includes color timing, film editing, and sound. This history of offshore animation has "led to the creating and nurturing of a local industry, as an infrastructure is built up, equipment is put into place, and skills are transferred," according to the report.

Key Topics Discussed in this Report:

  • Establishment of local animation industry
  • Successful business models for local content production companies and animation studios
  • Trends in outsourcing animation to Asia
  • Controversies surrounding foreign animationy
  • Future outlook, associated risks, and projected total market size
  • Industry drivers, growth inhibitors, top trends, key strategies and opportunities
  • Includes 117 figures and 27 tables

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