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Molecular imaging market currently estimated at approximately $5 billion

March 1st, 2010

Global Information would like to present a new market research report, "Advances in Molecular Imaging - Companies and Technologies that are driving change" by Espicom Business Intelligence.

The molecular imaging (MI) market includes a range of fields: chemistry, cell biology, disease modeling, target discovery, imaging, clinical research and data processing. Presently, most molecular imaging research and development focuses on clinical applications in cancer, cardiovascular and neurological diseases. Moreover, companies are also focusing on translation research. In other words, developing and marketing small animal, pre-clinical MI systems with the goal of translating this technology into human applications in the future. More specifically, imaging small animals can aid in assessing the effectiveness of therapeutic technologies, such as directed drug therapies and radiation therapy.

Currently, the increasing occurrence of cancer, cardiovascular and neurological diseases means that there will be greater demand for faster and more accurate diagnosis, which is favorable for the future of the molecular imaging market. Additionally, MI technologies will be more readily adopted as clinical evidence establishes its benefits, new technological innovations are brought to the market, and as reimbursement increases.

Research analysis at Espicom Business Intelligence indicates that the molecular imaging market is currently valued at around $5 billion, with half of this revenue being generated in North America alone.

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