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Research Funding Support Safe and Effective Cancer Medicines

November 24th, 2010

Global Information, Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Cancer Drug Blockbusters" by Espicom Business Intelligence.

Research funding is currently dominated by the pursuit of both effective and safe oncology medicines. The targeted therapies sector overall has produced more "blockbuster" products than any other therapy area, particularly biological products. According to the new report, "there exists a huge variety of cancer treatments from the widely-used chemotherapeutic agents to the recently-launched, first-in-class cancer vaccines, with many of these treatments achieving blockbuster sales in excess of USD $1 Billion." However, as patents expire and lead to the proliferation of generics, many existing brands are confronting declining sales and weakening company revenues.

Identify current oncology blockbuster products and assess the projected market potential through 2016 in this new report, which examines both the losers and winners in the cancer medicine competitive landscape. This report also provides detailed analyses of 21 oncology products in terms of current status, clinical data, mode of action, associated development risks and possible competitive pressures. The report provides crucial facts and insight on understanding the companies, products and trends that are influencing a critical area of the pharmaceutical industry.

Key Questions Addressed in the "Cancer Drug Blockbuster" report: In the future, who will be the new members of the cancer blockbuster "club"? Which companies will increase their market share by 2016? Considering CRPC patients, how might lower-priced generic doxetaxel affect sales of Dendreons new vaccine?

21 Blockbuster Products Discussed in this 170-Page Report:

Alimta Arimidex Avastin Eloxatin Erbitux Femara Gemzar
Herceptin Glivec/Gleevec MabThera/Rituxan Nexavar Provenge Stutent Tarceva
Tasigna Taxotere Tykerb Velcade Xeloda Zoladex Zometa

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