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Additives for food and beverages expected to reach more than $8.6 million in demand for 2014

March 8th, 2010

Global Information would like to present new market research report, "Food & Beverage Additives (US Market & Forecast)" by Freedonia Group.

Producers of additives for food and beverages will continue to build market value through the introduction of new and improved products despite the fact that the US food and beverage industry has reached market maturity. The Freedonia Group projects that the US demand for food and beverage additives to reach more than $8.6 billion in the year 2014. Increasing consumer interest in nutritionally enriched products and all-natural foods, which promotes demand for natural and high value premium additives, will drive advances in food and beverage additives.

Similarly, consumer desire for functional products that provide health benefits will generate demand for additives like probiotics and other nutraceuticals. In fact, nutraceuticals (e.g. vitamins, herbal extracts, probiotics, and vitamins) are forecasted to see the most rapid gains. Nutraceuticals will continue to widen their presence beyond traditional applications like milk, bread, breakfast cereals, juices and yogurt into a diverse range of other beverages and foods. For example, snack foods, desserts, soft drinks and candy are also being fortified with vitamins and minerals these days. Meanwhile, dairy product additives are projected to attain above-average gains due to accelerating growth in dairy product output in combination with the expanding use of probiotic ingredients in yogurt and other products.

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