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Carbon black world demand projected to reach 11.6 million metric tons, growing 4.3% per year through 2013

March 5th, 2010

Global Information would like to present a new market research report, "World Carbon Black" by Freedonia Group.

Carbon black is mainly used as a reinforcement material in vulcanized rubber goods (e.g. it is found in over 60% of motor vehicle tires alone). In the tire sector, carbon black is forecasted to rise 3.7% per year through 2013 to 6.9 million metric tons. On the other hand, the non-tire rubber carbon black market is expected to reach 3.6 million metric tons, gaining at a rate of 4.8% per year through 2013.

Through 2013, it is expected that the strongest gains in carbon black demand will be found in the Asia/Pacific region, not including Japan. Amidst countries all over the world, China and India experienced the biggest growth in new carbon black capacity between the years 2003 and 2008  this trend will continue into the year 2013.

Research and analysis at The Freedonia Group concludes that special blacks, in particular, will be the fastest growing market growing at a solid rate of 5.9% per year to reach approximately 1.2 million metric tons. Demand for special blacks will primarily be located in the inks, paints, and plastics sectors. The special blacks world market commands a considerably higher per-kilogram price than commodity furnace blacks despite the fact that the former accounts for less than ten percent of the overall global carbon market. Due to higher margins, a robust position in special blacks offers suppliers increased protection from cyclicality in the highly interconnected rubber, motor vehicle and tire industries.

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