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September 1st, 2009

Global demand for power lawn and garden equipment is projected to expand 2.8 percent annually through 2013 to $18.4 billion. Despite a sluggish outlook in the shorter term, the bedrock US market will provide the best opportunities, accounting for slightly over one-half of the additional demand generated between 2008 and 2013. Recovery in US demand will reflect a turnaround in the current housing crisis, as well as consumers continued enthusiasm for lawn care. US power lawn and garden equipment sales will also benefit from the introduction of improved products, such as cordless electric models. These and other trends are presented in World Power Lawn & Garden Equipment, a new study from The Freedonia Group, Inc., a Cleveland-based industry research firm.

On a regional basis, North America and Western Europe will continue to be the dominant markets, together comprising over 85 percent of demand in 2013. Consumers in these developed nations have high per capita income levels which allow for discretionary purchases such as power lawn and garden equipment. These areas are also home to the vast majority of the worlds golf courses, which are major consumers of power lawn and garden equipment.

Despite its large population and above-average per annum growth, Asia will remain a relatively small market for power lawn and garden equipment. Demand throughout much of the region is limited by low income levels. Low wages also dampen professional demand, since the low cost of labor encourages the use of manual equipment in landscaping applications. Even Japan, a prosperous nation, is a relatively small market, since most Japanese homes do not have yards of sufficient size to justify the use of power equipment.

The residential market accounted for 60 percent of power lawn and garden equipment sales in 2008. Demand in the commercial market will outpace the residential market in most regions through 2013, due to the rising number of professional landscapers. Lawnmowers will continue to be the largest product segment, benefitting from their wide use in both residential and commercial applications. Turf and grounds equipment is expected to post gains, due to continuing growth in the number of professional landscapers in many countries worldwide.


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