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Worldwide Helicopter Market Trends: North America Continues to Lead the Way

May 27th, 2010

Global Information, Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Global Helicopters Market Assessment" by Frost & Sullivan.

Demand in the global helicopter market will continue to be driven by regional differences. For example, single engine helicopter dominates the North American Market, while the European market will tend to see more demand for multi-engine aircrafts. Oil and gas exploration is the key driver of demand in North America, Africa, the Middles East, Russia, Latin and South America. Civil and government sectors are primarily driving helicopter demand in the Asia Pacific region. Frost & Sullivans market study primarily focuses on helicopter markets in the following regions: North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, China, and Russia. The current market trend sees North America leading the demand for new helicopters and representing the largest helicopter market share. Research analysts expect this trend to continue. China has a relatively low number of helicopters. This could largely be attributed to the Government regulations and restrictions placed on civil aviation. Since China is a large country with a growing economy and a very large population, the Chinese market for helicopters is relatively "untapped". The overall Asia Pacific region is exhibiting a rapid growing market for new helicopters. Demand for both civil and government helicopters is projected to remain high. Meanwhile, all regions are continuing to experience corporate growth. This trend in combination with oil and gas exploration has driven demand and backlogs for new helicopter orders.

Rotorcraft original equipment manufactures discussed in this report:
AgustaWestlandKaman AerospacePZL Swidnik
EurocopterMD HelicopterSikorsky
Hindustan AeronauticsMoscow Helicopter Plant

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