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Orthopedic Surgery: Large Patient Pool to be generated by World's Aging Population

May 11th, 2010

Global Information, Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Global Orthopedic Devices Pipeline Landscape: Analysis of Key Upcoming Products and Technologies" by GlobalData.

The average increase in life expectancy over the last century is resulting in a rapidly aging world population. The joys that accompany a longer lifespan come at a cost. That is to say, as people live longer, the incidence of chronic diseases grows as well. Orthopedic diseases continue to rank at the top of all chronic diseases plaguing the worlds population. According to GlobalDatas study, "The prevalence of orthopedic diseases such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and degenerative disc diseases (DDDs), for example, has increased over the last 20 years and are still growing. This large pool of the aging population, especially in the developed economies, is expected to translate into a large patient pool for orthopedic surgeries."


Largest Orthopedic Market Category Projected to be Joint Reconstruction

Knee replacements are forecasted to remain the largest segment of the global joint reconstruction market. Research analysts at GlobalData project the knee replacement market to grow at a 9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2009 and 2016. The total market size is expected to reach $13.5 billion in 2016. Meanwhile, shoulder and elbow replacement will represent the fastest growing segments in the joint reconstruction market category for the 2009 to 2016 forecast period. The primary factor driving growth in this sector is due to related to the growing number of sports injuries associated with arthroscopic elbow replacement and shoulder replacement.


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