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Cambridge Healthtech Institute - 2nd PEGS Europe: Protein & Antibody Engineering Summit - Register today

September 24th, 2010

Global Information Inc. presents the 2nd Cambridge Healthtech Institute PEGS Europe: Protein & Antibody Engineering Summit.

This event is Europes leading gathering for biotechnology and life sciences. For three days, the exhibition halls, the conference rooms and the Partnering meeting boxes will be alive with exhibitors and visiting professionals from all over the world, together with investors and distinguished speakers from business, science and politics -- all here to discuss the latest products, innovations, research findings and market opportunities.

Features four programs:

Novel Antibody Constructs and Alternative Scaffolds

5-6 October
  • Engineering the Fc Regions for Antigen Binding, Effector Function and Enhanced Half-Life
  • Novel Delivery Products
  • Technologies that Select for enhanced Half-Life and Stability
  • Focus on Screening and Selection of Drug Candidates for Specific Purposes
  • Accessing Difficult to Reach Targets
  • Focus on Affinity and Specificity

Protein Expression and Cell Line Development

5-6 October
  • Vectors, Tags, Chaperones, and Genes
  • Novel Hosts and Unique Platforms
  • Mammalian Cell Expression
  • Advances in Protein Science

Empowered Bispecific Antibodies and Antibody-Drug Conjugates

6-7 October
  • Improving Targeting with Antibody-Drug Conjugates: Addressing Selectivity and Delivery
  • New Bispecific and Multi-Valent Constructs: Optimizing Discovery for Best Results Downstream

Difficult Protein Expression and Purification

6-7 October
  • Problem Protein Solutions
  • Automation and High-throughput
  • Unique Proteins -- Unique Techniques
  • Polypeptide Expression

PEGS Europe 2010

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