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September 28th, 2010

Global Information Inc. presents Avren Events - Next Generation Mobile Devices 2010.

This 2010 event focus on identifying and discussing the key issues around strategic priorities for mobile broadband devices, examining Open-OS enablers, application/content drivers, HSPA+ and LTE air-interface evolution, exploring embedded connectivity options and more.

Program Details:

  • Defining the Device - Where is the Mobile Internet Heading?
    • The Mobile Decade - Review and Learnings
    • Changing Market Dynamics - Terminal Vendors, Content and Service Providers: Challenges and Opportunities
    • Your Mobile Internet Device - Services, Apps and the Web
    • Exploring New Device Form Factors
    • Opening the Software Platform - Tweeting with the Facebook Generation
    • Embedded vs. Downloadable Applications Paradigm
  • Application Stores - Open for Business
    • Wholesale Application Community - Giving Applications a Helping Hand?
    • How do Vendors/Operators Attract Application developers?
    • Identifying Key Elements for Application Store success
    • One-API - Driving the Culture of Collaboration
    • Exploring the Open Source Value Chain and Internet Centric Applications?
    • How Many Apps Stores can the Market stand?
    • Where Two Worlds Meet - Exploring Operator Services and Web Runtimes
    • Assessing the Sustainability of Vendor/Operator Apps Platforms
  • Unlocking the embedded Market - M2M
    • Seizing the M2M Opportunity
    • Can M2M be the Catalyst to Ignite Business services?
    • Mobile Application Development for Next Generation Devices
    • Exploring the Open Source Value Chain and Internet Centric Applications
    • Developing an Eco-system of Connected Devices at Home and Beyond
  • Keeping Pace with the Evolving Radio Access Network
    • Proving the LTE Device - Assessing Latest Interop and Customer Trial Results
    • Driving Global Harmony - Assessing Support for TDD and FDD Versions of LTE
    • How do Operators Make the Most of the Mobile Broadband Network?
  • New Technology Show case Sessions
  • Making Architectural Choices
    • In Search of Spectral Harmony - Assessing Global Requirements and Band Support
    • Delivering a Quality End-User Experience
    • Delivering a Cost-Effective Platform
    • Managing the Complexity of Multi-Mode Devices

Next Generation Mobile Devices 2010

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