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October 15th, 2010

Global Information Inc. is pleased to announce a new Conference, Market Analysis Tutorials 2010" by Select Biosciences.

Attend a series of market analysis and business tutorials presented by Enal Razvi, Ph.D.

Stem Cells Market Analysis: Stem Cells for Cellular Therapeutics, iPSCs, Reprogramming, Drug Discovery Applications - Technology, Clinical Pipeline and Market Analyses

The scope of this tutorial features a comprehensive picture of the global activities occurring in the stem cells marketplace. Both qualitative and qualitative trends in various stem cell market segments along with market data regarding the deployment of stem cells in various cell therapy applications will be presented at this tutorial.

MicroRNA Market Analysis: Life Science Research Tools Space and Physiological/ Disease Associations

Topics presented in this tutorial focus on the microRNA research tools space as well as the biological associations of specific microRNAs in physiological and disease situations. Key topics to be presented: Comprehensive characterization of the microRNA Research Marketplace; Association of MicroRNAs with Physiological and Pathological Processes; and Penetration of Various MicroRNAs into Current Life Science Research.
Furthermore, attendees will have the opportunity to acquire Select Biosciences "MicroRNA Research and Disease Association 2010 Market Report" as part of the delegate package.

Epigentics Market Analysis: Research Tools Qualitative and Quantitative Market and Therapeutics Marketplace

The focus of this business tutorial is on the emerging epigenetics marketplace. Increasing realization of the importance of epigenetics in cellular differentiation, development, cancer, and many other diseases is driving research in this field. Examples of epigenetic phenomena include cellular reprogramming and the construction of iPSCs. Additionally, data from Select Biosciences most recent market analyses on this topic will be presented at this tutorial.

Market Analysis Tutorials 2010

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