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October 15th, 2010

Global Information Inc. is pleased to announce a new Conference, Femtocell Americas 2010" by Avren Events.

Based on the success of last years event, Femotcells Americas 2010 will broaden the scope of this years conference to also include discussion on handsets for a femotcell rich network, services to entice the residential and business user and timing, availability and performance of planned LTE femtocells.

Outline of Conference Programme:

Carriers Feeling at Home with Femtocells

  • Home Delivery - Content, Applications and Services
  • Operator Value Proposition - Employing Best Practices
  • Opportunities to Drive the Connected Home
  • How do Carriers Accommodate Explosive Growth in Wireless Data Demand?
  • Enriching the Home Experience - Inter-Networking & Seamless Connectivity
  • Femtocells for Regional and Rural Carriers
  • Cloud Computing - Femto Friend or Foe?
  • Device Interaction - Detecting and Configuring Handsets for Femtocells
  • Assessing the Impact of 3G CDMA Femtocells - Will this Pave the Way for IMS Architecture?

Strategic Plans for the Next Wave of Growth

  • Small Cell Solutions
  • LTE Femtocells Delivering an Enhanced User Experience
  • 4G Exploring the Next Wave of Standards
  • Assessing the Impact of spectrum and White Space on Femto Deployment
  • Adopting Femtocells as a Strategy to Achieve Macro-Offload Network Savings
  • Femtocell Impact on Standards
  • Is Plug-&-Go Interoperability the Key to Mass Market Adoption?
  • IMS Exploring the Impact of the IP Multimedia Subsystem on Femtocell Deployment and Services

Market Expansion: Reaching the Masses - Niche Applications

  • Examining the Economics - What can we Expect 2011 to Deliver?
  • Leveraging the Global Economy
  • Assessing the Opportunities and Roadblocks for Femtocells in Latin America
  • Finding a Home for the IMS Client
  • Traffic Management for Dense Environments
  • Zero-Touch Femtocell Provisioning - Door Opener to Mass Market Penetration?
  • Promoting Broadband Community Cooperation and Collaboration

Broadening the Ecosystem

  • Office in a Box - The Evolution of SME Applications and Services
  • Enterprise Femto - Meeting Coporate Demands and Adding Value
  • Exploring How Enterprise Femtocells can Open the Door to Hosted VoIP IPBX Services
  • Femtocell Economies of Scale: Assessing Consumer Readiness for Combined Router/Modem/Femtocell Products
  • Assessing the Opportunity for Distinct Flavors for Home, Enterprise, Rural and MetroZone?
  • Global Deployment Challenges & Solutions for Local Markets
  • Counting the Cost - Free with Services
  • Room Service - Can Anyone become a Mobile Service Provider?
  • Interoperability - The Importance of Plug & Play in Reaching Economies of Scale

Smartphones, Tablets & Netbooks - How Emerging Devices Can Drive the Market

  • Femto-Enabled Handsets? Applications, Feature-Sets and Service Enablers
  • Handset Applications Framework
  • Integrating Hardware
  • Exploiting Embedded Femto Opporunities
  • The Case for Femto-Aware Mobile Devices

Technology Enablers

  • Delivering a Quality Service - IOT/Plugfest & Beyond - Testing in the Real World
  • Empowering the Eco-System - Exploring the Evolution of a Common API, SDKs, Etc.
  • Contention Management for Femtocells in Home and Enterprise Use
  • Can DSL Bandwidth Support LTE Handset Speeds?
  • Silicon Wars - How can Semiconductor Vendors Differentiate Themselves
  • Enterprise Security - Are Femtocell security implementations adequate for enterprise markets?
  • Software - Turning the Key
  • Stop Interfering - Exploring Methods to Reduce the Effect of Interference in Mobile Communications

Femtocells - Leading the 4G Charge

  • Local Spectrum Allocation - Global Questions?
  • Can LTE Help to Drive Standardization across the Femtocell Community?
  • Shades of Grey - Are the LTE Standards Clear for Femtocells?
  • Femtocells and their Role in Data Offload for LTE
  • LTE Femtos - Are we at the point where Femto/Pico Technology gets Global Market Traction?

Taking the Pulse - Femtocell Deployments and Consumer Uptake

  • Consumer Value Proposition/ Beyond the Niche - Assessing Consumer Demands
  • Exploring Consumer Experience with Femtocells
  • Exploiting Service Success - Assessing Success Stories from Global Carriers
  • Office Politics - Capturing the Corporate Market
  • Reality Check - The Impact of Femtocells in the Network
  • Networking the Americas CDMA - UMTS - WiMax - LTE

Femtocell Americas 2010

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