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November 4th, 2010

Global Information Inc. is pleased to announce a new Conference, "Healthcare and Insurance Collaboration Forum" by IBC Asia.

The health insurance market holds critical potential. This markets current estimated value is at US $836 billion and expected to post 6.2 percent in annual growth. Asia is expected to lead the global recovery in this field following the economic crisis, which will ensure a dynamic and challenging environment. In light of this projected trend, how can Asias healthcare sector improve and expand to benefit insurance, hospitals and patients? More importantly, how can insurance and hospitals partner further to support and expand each others businesses?

Why attend this event?

This forum is the first and only platform to unite healthcare provider and medical insurance companies to discuss win-win partnership strategies and address other critical concerns.

Key issues and themes:

  • Partnering to optimize healthcare
  • Synergies between payers and healthcare providers
  • Maximizing results within insurance parameters
  • Balancing cost containment and best patient care
  • Working towards a common vision for enhanced healthcare
  • Joining forces to optimize efficiencies

This event will help you understand timely and hard-hitting topics that are critical to improving partnerships between and among insurance companies, brokers, TPAs, patients, hospitals and physicians. Discover the latest innovation and trends in insurance and healthcare which play a central role in re-aligning your own strategy. Third, you will gain valuable insights from high-level speakers and opinion leaders on debates that argue the important issues impacting hospitals, patients and insurance. Additionally, you will be able to discuss and resolve relational and operational issues. Finally, there will be opportunities to address communication concerns that will help optimize your partnerships.

Healthcare & Insurance Collaboration Forum

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