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Cambridge Healthtech Insititute - PEP TALK 2011 - Register Today

November 24th, 2010

Global Information Inc. is pleased to announce a new Conference, "10th Annual PepTalk 2011" by Cambridge Healthtech Institute.

Attend the 10th anniversary of PepTalk featuring strong scientific programming encompassing fourteen conferences within topic-focused pipelines. The event spans one week and topics range from therapeutic discovery research to downstream protein production. Attendants may personalize custom agendas to meet their individual research and networking needs. The event, as a whole, is designed to provide complete coverage of current research in protein science.

Leading the Way from Discovery through Development
Take a Glance at the Featured Pipelines:

Pipeline 1: Formulating Biologics
Optimizing Biologics Formulation Development - Overcoming Stability, Processing and Manufacturing Challenges to Achieve Fit-for-Purpose Drug Product
Protein-Device Combinations - Integrating Protein Formulations with Parenteral Administration Devices
Lyophilization, Spray Drying & Emerging Drying Technologies - Optimizing Formulation, Cycle Development, Compliance and Scale-Up
Protein Aggregation and Emerging Analytical Tools - Understanding and Overcoming Analytic, Formulation, Manufacturing, and Regulatory Challenges
Pipeline 2: Analytics of Process Improvement
Protein Purification & Recovery - Streamlining Processes with Advanced Technologies to Ensure Quality
Protein Data Integration and Interrogation - Applying Informatics for Biotherapeutics, Expression, and Formulation
Protein Computational Tools - Mathematical Data Modeling Solutions
Pipeline 3: Biotherapeutics
Recombinant Protein Therapeutics - Fusion Proteins & Beyond
Antibodies for the 21st Century - Engineering the Next Generation
Antibody Drug Products - Revolutionizing Therapeutics
Pipeline 4: Higher-Throughput Protein Expression
Targeting Genes, Engineering Vectors, Designing Constructs, and Optimizing Clones - Upstream Decisions Lead to Downstream Successes
Choosing, Designing, and Optimizing Hosts and Platforms
Overcoming Protein Expression Challenges with Solutions
Membrane Proteins


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