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November 24th, 2010

Global Information Inc. is pleased to announce a new Conference, "LTE - Next Generation Networks Americas 2010" by Avren Events.

This conference examines the differing routes and deployment strategies of Long Term Evolution cellular networks, which will enable carriers to meet growing demands for access to emerging services and applications from a new breed of web centric mobile devices.

Topics discussed at this conference include:

  • Exploring Network Architecture Options - Meeting the Challenges of the Wireless Network Evolution.
  • Backhaul Strategies and Core Convergence
  • Networking Sharing - Assessing Opportunities for CAPEX and OPEX Savings
  • Breaking Through - The Challenge of In-Building Coverage
  • Advancements in Infrastructure Technologies
  • 4G Deployment Strategies
  • Green Base Stations: Is Renewable Energy Achievable in Cellular Infrastructure
  • 4G Deployment Strategies - Latin & Central America
  • In Search of Spectral Harmony

LTE - Next Generation Networks Americas 2010

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