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Cambridge Healthtech Institute - SCOPE - Summit for Clinical Ops Executives 2011 - Register Today

December 21st, 2010

Global Information Inc. is pleased to announce a new Conference, "2nd Annual Summit for Clinical Ops Executives (SCOPE)" by Cambridge Healthtech Institute.

Attend this annual opportunity to share ideas and collaborate among professionals in the clinical operations field. SCOPE is an overarching event that brings together five conferences, each featuring specific best practice case studies and relevant interactive discussions. Major topics include: forecasting, site selection, recruitment, data collection, and project management. In the previous year, SCOPE 2010 was highly successful in turnout as the event was attended by over 350 participants from 15 unique countries and representing more than 220 organizations.

Conference Overview:

1. Global Site Selection, Feasibility Assessment, Operations and Site Management: Improving Trial Timelines through Planning and Execution
Key Presentations:
Regulatory Challenges and Expectations in Emerging Markets to Effective Clinical Trial Development
FDA Inspections of Clinical Research Sites
Site Selection: How to Improve Site Selection and Reduce the Percentage of Zero Enrolling Sites
Site Selection of Global Phase I Units
The Global Site Feasibility Process: Cost-Effective Techniques for Finding High Performing Sites
Leveraging Internal and External Resources to Find the Right Sites
Sites and Sponsors: Are We Speaking "With" or "At" Each Other?
2. Electronic Data in Clinical Trials: Collecting and Leveraging Data to Optimize Clinical Trials
Key Presentations:
Electronic Data across the Healthcare Spectrum: Collaborations between Payers, Providers and Pharma
ePatients and Telemedicine Meet Clinical Trials
Strategies and Systems Supporting the Adjudication Process in Clinical Events Committees
Case Study: Patient-Reported Outcome Measurement Information System (PROMIS) and Assessment Center
Approaches to Utilizing Technologies to Improve Monitoring Operations
Using ODM Messages to Integrate Clinical Trial Systems and Improve Data Quality
Data Exchange for Clinical Trials on Medical Devices: Approval and Beyond
2-Part Closing Interactive Panel with FDA
3. Drug Development Latin America: Effectively Planning and Implementing Clinical Research and Trials
Key Presentations:
Regulatory Challenges and Expectations in Emerging Markets to Effective Clinical Trial Development
FDA Inspections of Clinical Research Sites
Ethical Challenges in Site and IRB Selection in Multi-Regional Clinical Trials
Generic Drug Development in Latin America: Focus on Methodological and Regulatory Issues
Regulatory Affairs in Argentina: Challenges and Perspectives
Logistical and Regulatory Challenges of Importation: Getting Investigational Drug into Latin American Countries
Brazil as a Pivotal Player for Drug Development in Latin America
4. Clinical Trial Forecasting, Budgeting, and Project Management: Managing Resources and Decision Making to Improve Outcomes
Key Presentations:
Mapping the Global Utilization of Clinical Research Capacity in Oncology Trials
Driving Strategic Clinical Resource Planning and Capacity Management
Vendor Oversight to Improve productivity and Efficiency
Solving Major Clinical Trial Delay Issues in Latin America and other Regions
Optimizing your Clinical Trial Supply Chain: Reduce Cost and Waste While Effectively Supporting Global Trial Operations
5. Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials: Successfully Plan and Manage Recruitment and Retention
Key Presentations:
Anticipating IRB Requirements: Fast Track Tips
Case Report: Pilot Study Results Present for PatientLocate - Multi-site Electronic Patient Recruitment Technology
Using Social Networks and Emerging Technologies to Accelerate Clinical Trial Recruitment


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