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Afghan "train and equip" program (2010 - 2014) will cost the US approximately $65 billion and present US businesses with over $37 billion of challenges and opportunities

January 20th, 2010

Global Information would like to present a new market research report, "Afghanistan Government National Security Markets - 2010-2014" by Homeland Security Research Corporation.

Along with analyzing the institutions, agencies and services being developed, the reports 340 pages, 133 tables and 155 graphs, describes the market by:

  • Technology needs and challenges: e.g. Training technologies, personal protective gear, counter-IED technologies, simplified weapons systems and improved perimeter detection/security.
  • End Customer: e.g. Afghan government, ANA, ANP, Afghan Air Force, intelligence community, private sector.
  • Sub-Markets: e.g. Light weapons and ammunition - rifles, machine guns, mortars, grenade launchers; Artillery; Military wheeled vehicles - Humvees, MRAPs, line haul and semi tractors, 20T dump trucks; Critical infrastructure - electric, transportation, telecommunications; Communications - Manpacks, vehicle-mounted transceivers, satellite monitoring and intercept systems, secure voice/data technologies and switchboards; Security-related IT and Biometrics.
  • Mission: e.g. Training - Kabul Military Training Center, National Military Academy, branch schools; Counter-IED technologies - jamming technologies and equipment; Perimeter security - construction, sensors, C3 systems.

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