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How Do Hotels and Cruise Companies Perceive Sustainability?

December 21st, 2010

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Sustainability Management in the Hotel & Cruise Industry 2010-2012: Market Opportunities, Hotel & Cruise Industry Buyer Demand, Post Recession Dynamics and Business Trends Forecast" by ICD Research.

ICD Research utilizes primary survey research to assess its B2B panels comprise of senior purchase decision makers and top supplier organizations in this new report, which analyzes how cruise companies and hotels perceive sustainability. Moreover, ICD also identifies specific procurement strategies and practices currently being undertaken in the two industries. A central question the report focuses on is how have sustainability initiatives been affected in light of the economic downturn and what actions are being put forth to diminish the associated negative effects? The international scope of this report draws on the activities and expectations of key industry players from Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.

Report Highlights:

  • Over 46% of firms in the hotel and cruise industry are collaborating with consultants, suppliers and customers to achieve supply chain objectives.
  • Attracting new customers, ensuring positive environmental outcomes and cost savings are crucial drivers that influence sustainability measures in this industry.
  • Approximately 66 percent of players are seeking ways to increase their sustainability budgets over the next year, while a minimal 5 percent are opting to decrease budgets in this area.

Key Topics Featured in this Report:

  • Category-level sustainability spending outlooks
  • Market-specific growth opportunities
  • Available investment opportunities
  • Sustainable procurement budgets

Principal challenges related to implementation of sustainability practices

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