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Wind Energy Becoming More Competitive in the Renewable Energy Market

May 18th, 2010

Global Information, Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Wind Energy Private Vendor Overview" by IDC.

The wind energy industry of today is significantly different from that in the early 1980s. New research and improved developments have resulted in wind turbines that are nearly 100 times more powerful than the previous versions. Contemporary wind turbines utilize sophisticated materials, electronics, and aerodynamics. Furthermore, costs have declined significantly, which makes wind power more competitive with other energy sources. Growing global concern over greenhouse gas emissions is the major driver behind alternative energy sources, such as wind power. Wind energy already plays an important role in several European nations. Other countries, particularly China and India, are also rapidly expanding their capacity both to manufacture wind turbines and to integrate wind power into their electricity grids. According to Danny Lev, research analyst at IDCs EMEAs Emerging Technology, "Despite the negative effects of the global economic crisis, we continue to consider renewable energy as a significant growth sector due to the global trends and drivers underlying its formidable expansion over the past decade. Policy makers continue to create favorable conditions for investors and entrepreneurs."

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