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Are Mobile Operators Concerned About Potential Harm To Wireless Device Users?

November 22nd, 2010

Global Information, Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Future Mobile Operator Business Models: Broadband, Partnerships, Wholesale and Mobile 2.0, 2nd Edition" by Ovum, Ltd..

In the developed world, most mobile operator CEOs are aware of the need to explore new business models, but perhaps the more relevant question is are they also considering the impact of wireless services on the long-term health of their subscribers? According to the C.T.I.A.-The Wireless Association, "a wireless phone is really a radio... Much like a walkie-talkie, a cell phone receives and sends radio waves." Another way of looking at wireless phones is to think of them as a computer connected to a radio. The primary concern posed by research scientists is the possibility of radiofrequency radiation given off by cellphones that can potentially damage human brain DNA and ultimately lead to cancer.

While the C.T.I.A appears to be reassured by the fact that "all F.C.C.-approved phones are perfectly safe," its vital not to forget that current comprehensive studies of the long-term effects of cellphone radiation have yet to be confirmed. Its also important to realize that current monthly cellphone usage pattern rates of typical users are well above the average rate of use nearly a decade ago. "The 737 minutes that we talk on cellphones monthly, on average, according to the C.T.I.A. makes todays typical user indistinguishable from the heavy user of 10 years ago," reports the New York Times. Scientists have yet to figure out whether or not the rise in mobile phone usage rates is correlated with the fact that the occurrence of brain cancers in the 20-to-29 age group is climbing in comparison to falling rates among the older population. The possibility of a connection between the two trends is alarming and disturbing.

As mobile operator companies strategize for development and distribution of mobile services, the potential risks of widespread cellphone use should be addressed delicately. The potential effects of radiofrequency radiation do not appear to be fully understood by society. Hence, as mobile operators adopt new partnerships, enter adjacent markets, and develop new business segments, it is crucial to educate current and future cellphone users of the harmful possibilities of using or keeping wireless devices in close proximity to their brains.

The new report includes:

  • Focus on loyalty retention
  • Emphasis on pricing and monetizing strategies
  • Smart pipe strategies, APIs and application stores
  • Detailed analysis of new business models launched between 2008 and 2009
  • Mobile operator strategies for mobile applications distribution and development
  • Three main business models being applied by mobile operators

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