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The Greener Car - The World Market for Systems To Improve Fuel Efficiency - 2009 Edition. New report from IMS Research

November 27th, 2009

The Infoshop would like to announce the release of a new report by IMS. "The biggest technical challenge facing the automotive industry is making vehicles that are more fuel efficient and that produce less harmful emissions. With ever more stringent regulations, a number of new technologies are now, or soon will be, available to help combat emission levels and improve fuel consumption. This report provides insight into which competing technologies will be in greatest demand to meet regulations and make a real difference." -- IMS

A new focused report, compiled after extensive research & industry consultation, which includes: Specification developed in co-operation with leading suppliers to the automotive industry, Market breakdowns for 12 systems and 6 vehicle types, including hybrid electric vehicles, flex-fuel vehicles, stop-start systems and turbochargers, Forecasts of unit sales, average sales prices and revenues by system to 2016, Regional breakdown analysis for all the fuel technologies featured in this report, Summaries of vehicle manufacturer approaches, Market share estimates for leading system suppliers.

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