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RNA interference (RNAi): Analyzing Gene Function and Possibilities for Drug Discovery

June 30th, 2010

Global Information Inc. presents a new market research report, "RNAi - technologies, markets and companies" by Jain Pharmabiotech.

A new report from Jain Pharmabiotech describes various RNAi (RNA interference) technologies and provides details on the design and methods of manufacturing siRNA reagents. The study compares RNAi to other antisense approaches that utilize aptamers, ribozymes, oligonucleotides, locked nucleic acid, and peptide nucleic acid.

What is RNAi technology?

According to the report, "RNA interference (RNAi) or gene silencing involves the use of double stranded RNA (dsRNA). Once inside the cell, this material is processed into short 21-23 nucleotide RNAs termed siRNAs that are used in a sequence-specific manner to recognize and destroy complementary RNA." RNAi technologies described in this report include chemical synthesis by in vitro transcription and use of viral vectors or plasmid. Other methods include DNA-directed RNAI (ddRNAi), which is used to create dsRNA inside the cell and then cleaved into siRNA by Dicer activity. Dicer is a specific type of RNAse III. Furthermore, "RNAi can be rationally designed to block the expression of any target gene, including genes for which traditional small molecule inhibitors cannot be found." Therapeutic applications for RNAi include cancer, genetic disorders, virus infections, and neurological diseases.

RNAi Plays Central Role in Gene Function Analysis

RNAi has become the research tool for gene function discrimination due to its ability to silence any gene once a sequence is realized. Upon sequencing an organisms genome, RNAi can then be designed to target every gene in the genome as well as track specific phenotypes. While several methods of gene expression analysis currently exist, there is "still a need for sensitive methods of detection of gene expression as a baseline and measurement after gene silencing."

RNAi and Drug Discovery

RNAi represents a crucial method for analyzing gene function and identifying new drug targets that utilize double-stranded RNA to "knock down" or silence particular genes. It is now possible to make transgenic animals that can stably silence gene expression with the emergence of vector-mediated siRNA delivery methods. According to Jain Pharmabiotech, "These technologies point to the usefulness of RNAi for drug discovery."

Key Topics Discussed in this Report:
1. Technologies for supressing gene function
2. RNAi technologies
3. MicroRNA
4. Methods of delivery in RNAi
5. RNAi in Research
6. RNAi in drug discovery
7. Therapeutic applications of RNAi
8. Safety, regulatory, and patent issues
9. Markets for RNAi technologies
10. Major companies involved in RNAi technology

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