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Gene therapy: renewed interest and new discoveries in therapeutic applications

March 8th, 2010

Global Information would like to present a new market research report, "Gene Therapy - technologies, markets and companies" by Jain Pharmabiotech.

What is gene therapy? It is broadly defined as the transfer of defined genetic material to specific target cells of a patient with the ultimate goal of preventing or modifying a particular stage of diseases. It is now possible for gene therapy to be combined with antisense techniques such as RNA interference (RNAi), which is further increasing the number of related therapeutic applications. Additionally, gene therapy is an excellent method of drug delivery. Meanwhile, clinical applications of gene therapy are broad and apply to most systems and their disorders. Moreover, research is currently underway for gene therapy applications in veterinary medicine with a focus on treating dogs and cats.

This report by Jain Pharmabiotech provides a general overview of gene therapy and essential information for a variety of companies and industries, including: biotechnology companies developing gene therapy; drug delivery companies; pharmaceutical companies; academic institutions conducting gene therapy research; venture capital and investment companies. The information in this report explores and evaluates the reasons why the future remains bright for gene therapy despite initial setbacks.

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