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Infusion Pumps with Special Functions Shake Up Market

October 20th, 2010

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Infusion Pump Markets (Large Volume, Ambulatory, Insulin, Enteral and Other Pumps)" by Kalorama Information.

Although the infusion pump device market remains more or less flat, for a few types of pumps revenue growth will be outstanding, according to Kalorama Information. With growing competition in the field, declining hospital budgets and government restraints, the healthcare market research publisher says the global infusion pump market will see a little over three percent growth this year. But in its new report, Kalorama Information predicts that specialty pumps designed for diabetics or patients requiring enteral feeding will see twice or three times that amount of revenue growth in the coming years.

Infusion pumps are used to infuse necessary fluids, which include medications and/or nutrients, to a patients circulatory system, often where continuous monitoring and treatment by a nurse or other healthcare staff would be expensive, impractical, or unreliable. According to Kalorama Information, the worldwide market for infusion pumps will hold a value of nearly $6.3 billion in 2010, with an increase of just over three percent from last year.

That kind of growth in a healthcare market would not usually be much to notice. But according to Kalorama Information, sluggish revenue growth in the overall market belies the fact that in some segments growth rates are much higher. Insulin pumps and ambulatory enteral feeding pumps will see growth rates of 8-11%, according to the report. Insulin pumps are growing because of the convenience of usage for an untapped market of diabetes sufferers worldwide. Enteral pumps are seeing growing usage in home care settings, providing nutrition specifically for patients with diabetes, HIV, cancer, or malnutrition. The report suggests that the opportunity in this device market segment will trigger the involvement of a number of companies.

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