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Next Generation DNA Sequencing Systems Making Advances, Finds a New Kalorama Survey

December 7th, 2010

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "DNA Sequencing Market Trends (Kalorama Survey of Labs Using Next-Gen and Capillary Systems)" by Kalorama Information.

A recent survey of private, hospital and academic laboratories that conduct DNA sequencing suggests that Next Generation DNA sequencing systems are making considerable inroads in both U.S. and global labs. However, older systems are still in use. Among the findings in Kalorama Informations new report, over 92% of the labs surveyed utilized at least one second- or third- generation sequencer. Only one third of the labs used next-gen systems exclusively. The survey focused on 120 laboratories the majority of which were located in North America and discovered that 17 distinct types of sequencers were being utilized. Based on the evidence, it is clear that labs employ a variety of sequencing equipment applications from resequencing to microRNA and SNP analysis.

According to Justin Saeks, biotech research analyst for Kalorama Information, "We found that the market inevitably includes both first-gen and next-gen systems right now. Labs on either extreme, with only one type of system that is either all old or all new, are less common." Moreover, Saeks noted "while the second-generation systems are generally seen as satisfactory, various barriers, bottlenecks, and other areas of improvement were identified by labs, such as the difficulties caused by library preparation, data processing, and upgrades in chemistry and software."

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