Press Release

C2/C4ISR market will total $63.6 billion in global military spending for 2010

March 23rd, 2010

Global Information would like to present a new market research report, "The C2/C4ISR Market Analysis, Financials and Forecasting 2010-2020" by Visiongain.

There is tremendous market potential in C2/C4ISR systems. Visiongain projects that global defence spending on C2/C4ISR systems will reach $63.6 billion in 2010; in other words, 5% of global military spending will be attributed to C2/C4ISR systems. Although the majority of C2/C4ISR markets are reaching maturing and leveling off in growth, there are still some national markets and submarkets that are growing at considerably high rates and generating a significant overall growth rate for the international market.

Visiongains report analyzes, quantifies, and forecasts the anticipated global sales for four C2/C4ISR submarkets: Land Based C2/C4ISR systems; Airborne C2/C4ISR systems; Seaborne Based C2/C4ISR systems; and Space Based C2/C4ISR systems. The report reviews the leading C2/C4ISR programmes and investigates the prospects and outlook providers of C2/C4ISR products. This report also takes a look at the leading users of C2/C4ISR systems and explores the range of operational requirements driving this sector.

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