Press Release

Active optical cables are poised to become a disruptive force within the communication market

February 3rd, 2010

Global Information would like to present a new market research report, " Active Optical Cables (AOC)" by LightCounting, LLC.

Active optical cables (AOCs) emerged on the communications and consumer electronics scenes only recently, the result of collaboration among key market players like IBM, Intel, and Sun Microsystems to eliminate shortcomings in existing solutions, like high power consumption and latency. The cost and feature benefits of AOCs proved valuable enough to create a noteworthy market segment in 2009, despite the general economic downturn and executives initial skepticism concerning the scope of influence for AOCs. Given the growing significance of the AOC market, and the need to address the perhaps overblown claims circulating in the media regarding the impact of this segment on the wider market, LightCounting has chosen to add the AOC market to its growing list of researched markets to forecast.

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